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Welcome to the Nova Comic Studios website. My name is Blane Suizu and I created the Nova Comic Studios brand to produce various creative projects of mine. It is here that you will receive the latest updates for my in-development and in-production projects. So please enjoy and check back periodically for the latest updates.

Latest news


Congratulations to Jasmine from Kentucky! She was the winner for the "Kiki's Delivery Service" and "Ponyo" Picture Books. My next update with be a sneak peek at the production of Welcome Home, Molly and show you some of the production process.


GIVEAWAY #002 is now live! Prizes for this Giveaway are for the "Kiki's Delivery Service" & "Ponyo" Picture Books. Go to the contest page to enter. Contest ends on Wednesday, March 11, 2020 at 11:59 PM PST.


Congratulations to Orlando from New Mexico! He's the winner of the "My Neighbor Totoro" and "Castle in the Sky" Picture Book Giveaway.

Stay tuned for details for the next Giveaway.


GIVEAWAY #001 is now live! Prizes for this Giveaway are for the "My Neighbor Totoro" & "Castle in the Sky" Picture Books. Go to the contest page to enter. Contest ends on Wednesday, February 26, 2020 at 11:59 PM PST.


Happy Holidays everyone! I got my first prize packs in hand (Studio Ghibli picture books and plush toys). This will be starting sometime in January 2020 and will be exclusive to subscribers of my newsletter. I also got in new stickers, my new promo cards, and bookmarks. Stay tuned for more updates in the coming weeks.


Congratulations to Shayla for winning the Studio Ghibli giveaway. My mailing list newsletter will now go live soon. Working on some of the technical setup required to get it going. Also, I have been having some great ideas for my exclusive giveaways I'll be providing to subscribers. What kinds of giveaways and prizes would you like to see me offer?


Artist Mark Mendoza has done some new banners, bookmarks, and business card-sized promotional material. What do you think? Mark is also continuing his work on the WHM pages.


Studio Ghibli giveaway is off and running.


While artist Mark Mendoza is busy cleaning up the WHM book, he also finished the Ruby and the Angry Witches proposed Book 1 dual covers. I also created a new 3D mockup of the WHM book.


CHASING RIDERS is now officially in active development. I now have concept art by WHM artist Mark Mendoza and a brand new illustration by Aleksei Vinogradov (@avvart) that features Jules with Tia's (@mz_tia) likeness. Find them on Instagram and other social media to check out their work. The story for the first book is essentially set and will now be actively looking for a creative consultant and scriptwriter to get the story in production shape. They will be working directly with me. In addition, I'll be simultaneously be working on Ruby and the Angry Witches.


Happy belated new years everyone! In case you weren't aware, Welcome Home Molly is going through a cleanup phase. Art is being touched up to be more consistent throughout the book and I'm doing additional adjustments to improve the final product. So far, I'm very happy with the changes we've made and what it means for the future.


A couple more updates: Since I'm deep into these adjustments, I will only be looking to do smaller commissions for the time being. Once the cleanup and adjustments are completed, I'll actively be looking for scriptwriters who will work with me scripting Chasing Riders and Ruby & the Angry Witches (both graphic novels). I'll also be looking for a graphic designer who can do small design work for me (i.e. adding design work to our postcard sets). Thank you for your patience.



Lead artist Mark Mendoza has continued to work on Molly & Chester's artwork as I continue to search for a publication deal. I'm now vendor testing special magnets, sticker sheets and other marketing material that can be collected along with the book. Postal compliant postcards are now in development. I'm also giving away some FREE Molly & Chester magnets. No catch. I'll even take care of the shipping costs. US shipping only at the moment. While supplies last. It's very limited since this was made from a vendor test & not a bulk order. Find me on Instagram & message me there.



WHM Series Gallery has been updated with more illustrations. Special commissions completed so far from talented artists' Kat Uno (@katunodraws) & Rian Gonzales (@rianbowart). Rian did her commissions featuring Chester & Hazel the pugs. Check them out on their various social media platforms to see some of the great work they do. I've also added a few older illustrations from Shida Shinpan who did work on some of the earliest WHM illustrations. You can check out more of his work & even commission him on Fiverr.

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There are currently no open commissions at the moment. Please check back later. 


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